Dressing Room


Get ready to walk out confident,

purpose-filled and FREE!

A dressing room is one of the most private places in a public setting. It’s a place that forces self-examination and grants you the freedom to make a clear decision.


The Dressing Room Workbook takes you on an intentional journey of self-reflection, self-acceptance and self-discovery. This 4 week heart boot camp will challenge you to not only disrobe, but to sit and stare in the mirror; to look and feel the truth about you. 


Each week will be a different heart challenge and with each challenge you will learn to face yourself, love yourself and free yourself! Not only that, but unlike a department store dressing room, you don’t have to do it alone. I’ll be there coaching you, and you can even partner with other sisters so that together, you all can walk in the dressing room one-way and walk out looking completely brand new.


I truly believe that “The Dressing Room” is a workout session where The Holy Spirit is the trainer who leads us to those answers, true healing and an inner peace.