Experience The Dressing Room Workshop

It’s hard to move freely in purpose if you don’t know how you got “here” in the first place. "The Dressing Room" is a 4-hour, high-energy purpose workshop where you'll experience self-reflection, self-acceptance and self-discovery. It's POWERFUL and unforgettable. There’s no sit down lectures, teaching or preaching…but instead imagine dancing, crying, laughing, talking and playing...all in the crowd and safety of women. Pure Freedom! 

Experience "The Dressing Room" with Chelly Rey by booking her for your next Women's event. You will not regret it! 

**Special Group Rates Available

for non-profits and/or groups of 50 persons or more**


Left Hand Ladies

We pray for one another, we laugh, we share advice, we talk it out when conversations about divorce arise....basically we do life together. 


There is no cookie cutter group for wives, but what perfects our relationships is how we celebrate our diversity and honor what makes us unique as women and wives. Connect with other LHLs and share in this sisterhood. Who knows, you could be the next sister to bring freedom to the women around you. For this assignment we've been called to, we desperately need one another!

Get ready to mark your calendar for LHL FALL 2020! The All-Inclusive Glamping Retreat is only $300 and you can lock in your space by simply making your $100 deposit.  I promise you do NOT want to miss this. Register TODAY!  


Sister'ing Community

My purpose empowers me to lead sisters towards their best self & all God has for them...TOGETHER! 


Why would you opt to do life alone when there are so many amazing women to connect with? Join a community of sisters on Facebook who love and support one another and do life TOGETHER! #sister'ing 

Sister'ing 101 comes from Ephesians 4:2-3

1. Be humble and gentle

2. Be patient

3. Stay together...no matter what

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