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 A dressing room is one of the most private places in a public setting. It’s a place that forces self-examination and grants you the freedom to make a clear decision.


"The Dressing Room EXPERIENCE" is a 4-hour, high-energy purpose workshop that takes you on an intentional journey of self-reflection, self-acceptance and self-discovery. It's POWERFUL and unforgettable.

There’s no sit down lectures, teaching or preaching…but instead imagine dancing, crying, laughing, talking and playing...all in the crowd and safety of women. Pure Freedom!  

I'm encouraging you to stop long enough to take care of yourself. Take off all the hats that you wear and come face to face with where you've been, where you are and where you're going. This is YOUR TIME to release and be filled all at the same time. I truly believe that “The Dressing Room” is a workout session where The Holy Spirit is the trainer who leads us to those answers, true healing and an inner peace. It's YOUR time to EXPERIENCE The Dressing Room. 


  • $99 - Per person

  • $80- Group of 10 or more

**Special Group Rates Available for non-profits and/or groups of 50 persons or more**

Experience "The Dressing Room" with Chelly Rey by booking her for your next Women's event.

You will not regret it! 

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