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ChellyRey Faith Family

Dear ChellyRey Faith family! 

First, thank you for joining us on this life altering journey. We can't express our gratitude. Many have asked "how can we help." Here's a quick run down of some things that would assist us on this journey. 

Our top priority and number one request is PRAYER. Without question, we need it daily. If you did nothing else but pray, that would be more than enough. 

Between appointments, tests and treatments we have spent over $15,000 since December 28. We didn’t have $15,000, but like always, God keeps making a way. Each time we go to appt. God provides. 


Greatest needs:

  • Wholefood, Fresh Market or Costco gift card

  • Whole Family Healthcare giftcard 

  • Monetary gift 


Ways to give monetary gifts:


*If you’d like to receive a tax exemption, there is an organization you can give to and they will give you a receipt and send your gift directly to me. 


Whole Family Healthcare 407-833-6300

They offer gift cards. As well, they take payments over the phone that can be placed as a credit on my account.


Breakdown of most expenses 

  • $250 per week in groceries at Wholefoods. (Includes all meals and juices) 

  • $250 Dr. Meuller Appt once per month at Whole family healthcare

  • $250 Monthly Supplements 

  • $800 IV Therapy twice per week. 

  •  Approx $350 Dr. Gousse Oncology Appt once per month at Whole family healthcare


Again, our family and I thank you. We already have the victory and cancer must bow down. 

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